The Do Giving Chair

The Do Lectures is great. We’re big fans, obviously. But we understand that not everyone is in a position to be able to buy their own ticket. So in 2012 we did something about it. We asked 10 companies to sponsor 10 young people to enable them to come to the event for free, and so the giving chair was born. It was a big success. It helped the Do Lectures keep its diversity and, just as importantly, its energy. For the last 3 years, and again this year, some amazing companies, such as Toms, Yeo Valley, COULL, Mailchimp, Joint and Hiut Denim will make it possible for us to invite great people to attend the Do Lectures for free.

So this all sounds cool and you want in? Great, we want you too! 

The brief:
Make a 1 minute film about why you think you should attend the Do Lectures and then send the link to:

In return for the chair…
Once successful, it’s your job to absorb the stories and expertise of the people you meet at Do and pass it on to your sponsor. You become somewhat of a roaming reporter. You’ll interview the speakers and attendees. You’ll capture the atmosphere of Do by making a video about your time at the event. We ask for the video to be made within 4 weeks of the event, so we can share your experience with your sponsor and the rest of the world.

Successful applicants:
- Will receive one ticket to the Do Lectures Wales event from the 7th - 10th July 2016. This ticket is non transferable and will include accommodation, food and access to all areas of the event including workshops and activities. On arrival we will introduce you to the other recipients and shall show you to the giving chairs in the lecture barn, which will be yours for the duration of the event.

- Will be required to organise your own travel arrangements, including costs and any expenses incurred, to and from the event.

- Will be required to attend the event in full.

- Will be required to film and/or photograph their time at the event, sending the completed, edited film or photo-film back to the Do Lectures, no later than 4 weeks after the event.

- Will agree for the Do Lectures to have full and unlimited use of the film or photo-film made at the event, which will include, but not be limited to, social media platforms, the Do Lecture and sponsor websites.

- Will require your own means of documenting the event via film or photography.

- Will be prepared to make a presentation about your time at the event for your sponsor. This presentation can be made in person, via skype or via a pre recorded film. Individual sponsors will confirm what is required. Should the presentation be made in person, you will be required to organise your own travel arrangements, including costs and any expenses incurred, to and from your sponsors office.

Best of luck!