Speaker Announcement

If you need a double shot of inspiration for your brain, then DO is the place to come. Introducing the next five confirmed speakers for DO Wales this coming June.

Steven Jennings, entrepreneur amping up human potential

Steve’s journey has taken him from the city of Hull where he grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and began his life as an engineer, to realising his boyhood dream of becoming a professional road racing cyclist, to working as an investment broker, to founding Maxim one of Europe’s leading sports nutrition companies, to helping found the Canadian open-source non profit organisation Bicycles for Humanity, to becoming one of the founding members of PepsiCo’s global good-for-you nutrition innovation team. As the entrepreneur in residence at Lund Universities Open Innovation Center, Steve is now working towards developing new models to bring about the radical change in attitudes in the society of which we are all active participants.

Chris Baréz Brown, founder of Upping Your Elvis

Best selling author, speaker and business beatnik Chris Baréz Brown has a rather unusual view of the world in that he knows that everybody is perfect. As we grow, develop and socialise we can lose touch with that brilliance and often become somebody we’re not. Chris founded his Dorset based company Upping Your Elvis in 2009 to help people reconnect with their inner genius and once again become confident in being who they truly are. The Guardian recently described Chris as a long haired, twinkly eyed cross between Richard Branson and a wizard.

Dan Rubin, designer, photographer and creative director

Dan is a designer, photographer, and creative director based in London. Co-founder of The Photographic Journal and webgraph, a design studio, and host of the Apple Event series Meet The iPhone Photographer, Dan speaks at conferences worldwide including An Event Apart, South by Southwest, and UX London, consults for startups and established brands around the world, and travels the globe on photographic commissions for select clientele including Barbour, Ducati, O2, RedBull, Starwood Hotels, Williams Martini, and more.

Richard Hampshire, co-founder of McNair Mountain Shirts

An advertising copywriter and a boy scout for brands who's trying to be a shirt maker. I'm currently part of building two businesses with hope, kindness and patience - McNair Mountain Shirts and Joe Public Advertising. It seems to be working, mainly because I've surrounded myself with people who are brainier than me. Of the two businesses I can definitely say that selling metaphors is the easiest however my wife and kids are much prouder of the shirts.

Stephen Evans, director of the national EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability


Steve Evans is Director of the national EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability, conducting research into how industry can bring ambitious environmental and social sustainability goals into practice. Steve is a co-founder of multiple start-ups and has been Specialist Advisor to the House of Lords.
Steve is an action researcher who works with many companies around the world. His research seeks a deep understanding of how industry might change, with a duel emphasis on urgent and practical change now and system level change that offers hope for a sustainable future.