It seems only fitting with only 7 days to go until we welcome our speakers, attendees and volunteers to the Do Tipi, that we announce our final three speakers for Do Lectures Australia 2015.

 And here we go!


Remy Grangien, youth entrepreneur and cofounder of Colearn.

Remy Headshot.JPG

Remy is a youth entrepreneur who gave up his school days for changemaking. Being 17 without a high school diploma, he prefers to identify as a philosopher and futurist. His deepest passion is for ideas that can change the course of human history, and is determined to travel far and wide to find them.

Remy is the cofounder of Colearn, a social enterprise with a mission to empower the next generation through collaborative learning spaces (think coworking -- but with kids!). Colearn has worked and been associated with the City of Melbourne, Pearson Education and Hub Melbourne.

When not working alongside the next generation of entrepreneurs, Remy spends his time in solitude: training, meditating, and writing prolifically.


Liz Leyshan, Director of Mittagundi

Mittagundi is an outdoor education centre established with the belief that young people, mountains, purposeful work and challenges are natural partners. Mittagundi is situated on a 400 acre property near the old gold mining town of Glen Valley, on the Upper Mitta Mitta River, north of Omeo, VIC.

As Liz says herself “Mittagundi is a place I was introduced to by a relative in the late 1980’s. I was still at secondary school studying outdoor education as one of my electives. I have helped Mittagundi at various times over the last 19 years and now I have the opportunity to take the advantage of the full circle and work in the Director role. 
I am a community orientated person and I look forward to being more involved in the Mittagundi community. Most importantly I am excited to share my skills, knowledge and experiences by living and working with our staff, volunteers, young people, MG council and you the MG community. I bring with me, my husband Andrew. He has extensive skills and knowledge of recreation in Australia and Overseas. He is a Mountaineer, Telemark skier, Ski patroller, WW Kayaker, Adventurer, Electrician and a great Husband and friend. Andrew is new to the MG community; he will be part of the team in various ways”.


Mat Lynn, Photo Jounalist

Mat likes to explore. A lot. He is a curious little critter who uses his camera as an excuse to talk to people. Photography is the reason he gets himself into various situations. Sometimes they can be awkward. Sometimes they can be beautiful. Sometimes they can be funny. Sometimes they can be devastating. A few years ago, Mat studied for a few years and eventually someone gave him a piece of paper saying he was a photojournalist. He didn’t pick it the certificate because he was in Timor-Leste documenting a woman giving birth. Ever since, Mat has worked in Melbourne and around Asia still watching, listening, laughing, and learning. 


With the final chores being ticked off the list, our team and the site is humming with excitement for the second Do Lectures Australia. Keep an eye out for our talks which will be released for your viewing pleasure really soon.

 Big love,

 The Do Crew