Do Lectures Australia SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT 03

It’s 2 months til we’re at the Do Village in Australia and the Crew are cultivating an experience that continues to give us thrills just thinking about it.

A broad group of interesting speakers are up for doing the ‘talk of their life’. They’re  creators of change, those who rattle the proverbial cage and strive towards doing something new.

We are thrilled to bits to be able to announce these speakers for Do Australia. And here we go!


Graeme Wise – Philanthropist and Chairman of The Body Shop

Graeme Wise is the Chairman of The Adidem Group, which comprises The Body Shop, Children’s Centre, D’fine Creative, Sensaura Day Spa, Affirm Press Publishing, Recluse Home Automation, TickBox computer solutions, and the Wise Foundation.   

Graeme is the Founder and Patron of The Big Issue street newspaper, Director of MIMR-PHI Institute of Medical Research Board, and past director of Indigenous Enterprise Partnerships, the Brotherhood of St Laurence, Prahran Mission and Philanthropy Australia. 

Graeme’s business philosophies revolve around the humanising of business, which extends to ensuring that each business has a responsibility to put back into the society in which it operates. 

The social projects The Adidem Group and companies operate revolve around principles of self-help and building of business skills that will provide ongoing generation of economic opportunities for marginalised people and communities.

What a legend, welcome up to the stage Mr Wise.....


Marcus Veerman – Advocate for the power of play as a child's key tool for development and is founder and CEO of Playground Ideas. 

After a decade of outdoor education, counselling, and long-term youth mentoring, Marcus found himself on the Thai-Burma border when his wife landed a volunteer job there. On arrival, Marcus had absolutely no idea what he would do so he made a commitment to simply be open and say yes to whatever opportunities arose. 

Saying "yes" led to helping local communities build over 40 custom playgrounds in 2 years using local tools and materials. 

This was an incredible experience but building a new playground every 2 weeks took its toll. In his final year in Thailand he contracted influenza type B, Dengue Fever and had his appendix out - so to avoid total burn-out and early death, he started wondering if there was a better way.....

Using this experience and the driving motivation that others around the world were now asking for playgrounds, it was time to rethink. In 2010, was born. Playground Ideas is a place where anyone, anywhere can get the tools and resources they need to build a place for play. This initiative has now spawned a global community in over 72 countries impacting around 300,000 children at less than a $1 per child and growing quickly.  

Marcus has been listed as one of the top 100 public interest designers and is keen to grow this kind of online empowerment model further.

 We hope he brings a sandpit!


Josh & Lauren Capelin – Entrepreneurs and owners of co-working space Homework

Josh thinks Lauren is incredible. From day one he has been enamored with her intellect, wit and grace, which after 9 years together still seem destined to grow. Lauren is an accomplished speaker, consultant and entrepreneur, having spent the last 4.5 years working with Rachel Botsman at Collaborative Lab, helping to build and grow the international socio-economic movement of collaborative consumption. She has travelled around the world to work with local and state governments, city mayors, global startups and multi-national companies to help them understand the power of this shift. When not travelling, she loves her Gelato Messina, cooking up a storm, Yoga and any coastal road trip that ends in a tent with Josh encouraging her to chill. Lauren is highly passionate about politics, financial literacy, women in entrepreneurship and world changing social ventures. Some of the ingredients sure to be a part of her 2015.... 

Lauren was first wowed by Josh's boundless creativity and imagination across a meeting room table 10 years ago, and has been inspired by him ever since. He has a beautiful belief that anything's possible, and is always ready to get his hands dirty, whether it's diving into launching his first business, JosephMark, straight out of university, running an international film festival for Sydney's cycling community, dreaming up projects for his pop-up shop, telling stories through interesting brand and content partnerships with his business partner Matty at Projucer, or building beautiful co-working spaces like Homework and Common Room for amazing people to work and collaborate. Lauren sometimes has to bring a sense of time management, reality checking or even a gentle nudge of encouragement forward, but Josh knows that any project requires a team and that there's no better partner than his wife.

Together for 9 years, business partners for 4 and married for 1, Josh and Lauren usually feel like they're just getting started.

Get ready to be WOWed by these two!


Hamish Curry – Educator, enabler and collaborator & Do Lectures Program Director

Hamish has a gleeful, almost childlike fascination with learning that encourages others around him to join in. He adores seeing others learning and designs learning programs at NoTosh, a 'no-nonsense' company for creative problem-finding and solving. Based in NoTosh Australia's branch, Hamish works with education sectors across the country on design thinking and creative leadership strategy, and brings a renowned expertise to galleries, museums, corporates such as Google and cultural institutions across Australia and overseas. 

Hamish was the Education Manager at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, where he developed multitudes of successful learning programs bringing together often disparate topics around technology, media, and the Library's collections, attracting ‘000s of people to the library across a raft communities. He has a rich teaching background including the design and management of a unique Year 9 Campus in Melbourne, experience in the UK and Japan. He can also be found scheming new collaborative learning initiatives, such as Melbourne’s recent ‘Startup Weekend Education’. 

A passionate snowboarder, he finds time to play games of all kinds, and immerses himself in the energy of his family between the worlds of Australia and Japan.  

 Hamish is one of the reasons Do is so remarkable here in Australia. We’re in awe of his talent to bring about riches from topics that wouldn’t be expected to go together. He has been co-designing the DO ingredients since the start and curates the speakers for each Aussie Do. So you can possibly imagine his surprise in receiving an invitation to speak! If he looks slightly distracted while other talks are going on, it could just be he has the ‘talk of his life’ on his mind. Give him a hug, a japanese whisky, a great joke, a funny accent or a massive smile. They all have the same effect!

A massive thanks from the Oz Crew for saying “Yes” Hamish. Please bring your alter ego Boris to the stage...


Applications are still open to attend Do Lectures Australia in March 2015.

Come and hear what interesting sounds like.


"For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: 'If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?' And whenever the answer has been 'No' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something"

- Steve Jobs