Paid Intern Programme


 Learn to Fly here. Photo by Jim Marsden.

Learn to Fly here. Photo by Jim Marsden.

Learn to Fly.

This paid intern programme has only been made possible by the money raised at the Do Lectures Auction. So before start, we have to say a big thank you to the attendees and the speakers who gave their time and their money so generously. So if you want to thank anyone for this opportunity, please thank them. They made this happen.

The Programme.

This programme is a paid for internship down here in Cardigan West Wales. Accommodation will be paid for too. Each internship will be for 12 weeks. And we will seek to pair you up with another intern, so you work as a team. We believe in teams.

The intern programme has been set up to do two things:

One, to push the Do Lectures forward. To take The Do Lectures from just being a Tuesday company to one that has the other days of the week.

Two, to give you the interns the confidence that you can fly. We do that by giving you the freedom to get on and do things, to make decisions, to work with a team, to be listened to, to be given the space to make mistakes, to work to deadlines. To push yourselves. To push us. To find out what you can do. To learn by doing.

In lots of ways, you will be allowed to run the Do Lectures for 12 weeks. So when you leave us, you will leave us with more experience, more optimism, and more confidence, about what you can do.

We view the intern programme as a modern day flying lesson. And, yup, you can fly.

 Skillsets we are looking for.

Graphic Designers.


Film Makers.

Business Development.

Social Media Guru’s.

We asked one of the last interns (Lucy) for her advice.

5 things I’ve learnt as a Do Intern. 

Small towns have wonderful people in them.

Shit wifi isn’t always a bad thing.

Chickens get eaten by foxes, but radio 4 scares foxes off. Lesson? Don’t diss radio 4

A CV is important, but so is your life. The paper helps, but don’t compromise what you believe in for it.  

A bit of cheek never hurt no-one. Speak to people. Write them letters. Shout at open windows to get their attention. If you’re polite, driven and open, people will listen. 

There’s dignity in failure. Once you’ve learnt, move on quickly. Don’t dwell. Get up and try again.

Choose a mentor that pushes you, scares you (ever so slightly) and trusts you. It’s the fastest and best way to learn. 

You don’t have to be one thing in life. So many people I’ve met here are masters of many trades. Sure it takes time and patience, but that’s okay. 

Don’t rely on others to get you places. Be assertive in life. Your opinion is worth everything.

Do, Do, Do. It’s simple really, but the most valuable thing you can do in life is do. (Bit of an obvious one?)

Working with someone else can be hard, but rewarding. Double the ideas, double the work effort and double the fun. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t always easy, but man you learn a lot. 

Your team is your greatest and most treasured asset. Find the people that you admire, that believe in you (and themselves), that will question you, that will laugh at you and that will work through the night for you. Those are the people that make your ideas come to life. So don’t be a melon. Make friends, treat them well and figure out how to keep them close. 

Interns can do more than just make tea. At least, they do at The Do Lectures…

Ok, so that’s not 5. But that’s not the point. The point is I’ve learnt a heck of a lot. 

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