ThankYOU, DO-er Extraordinaire Mel Jacobsen!

ThankYOU, DO-er Extraordinaire, Mel Jacobsen!

Good ideas become change when someone grabs hold of an opportunity. They have the vision and the core pieces to make it work. They know they can figure out the rest later.

Mel Jacobsen - we are so grateful you grabbed the Do Lectures Australia ideas and ran like a legend with them.

While we're ramping up the excitement for Do on 4th June in Wales, here in Australia we’re tying off the last invoices, documents, emails and thank you notes for Do Lectures Australia 2015. We owe massive hugs and high fives in particular to Mel, who is moving on from Do Lectures Australia.

It was Mel's words that tipped us from research into making Do happen in Australia. Co-founding the Do Lectures Australia in 2013, Mel has effortlessly, tirelessly and generously given so much of her time, energy, clear thinking, and passion to seeing Do take shape. 

She now feels ready to see it continue to grow with others stepping up.

We are so incredibly proud of what Mel has created for Do. She has provided the Do Lectures Australia with the essence of herself every week since May 2013: her warmth towards others, her can-DO approach, fun-loving ideas, her baking of delicious Anzac biscuits, her generous offers to cover things that others couldn't get to, right through to gathering of her clever friends and networks to see how they can all contribute to Do

Her desire for everyone at DO to have a wonderful experience is apparent in everything she has DOne. Here we are two years on with so many people benefiting!

tingling excitement and AWE at the start of the very first DO Lectures Australia in 2014.

Mel's a WINNER at the silent Auction in 2014!

 "G'Day!" Selfies with a true blue, Aussie legend!

"G'Day!" Selfies with a true blue, Aussie legend!

Smile wide Mellie knowing you've achieved so much. Your contribution will continue to create ripple effects over the years. Well done and thankYOU!

We know you're excellent at narrowing the divide between your two films so we're look forward to seeing what you next... DO!

Your Mates in DOing,

Hamish and Sam