Instagram: Pushing The Limits

Let’s make Instagram more than a place for photos; lets make it a community for motivation and pushing the limits.






That’s the aim. We are promising 3 posts a week to compliment your feeds.


One thing though.

A vital thing.

We need you.


You see, we like consistency.


Every week will be focused on a past Do Lectures’ speaker. At the beginning of each week we will start with some motivation, a little pick me up to lead you into the days ahead.


Mid-week there will be a call to action, a challenge. Within a couple of days after we post, you can document yourself taking on whatever that endeavor might be.  Challenging ourselves is endlessly rewarding.


You complete the challenge.

You upload it.

You hashtag it.


This is where it gets fun.

At the end of each week we will choose to post one of our follower’s challenge photos. This day is solely about you guys and the crazy amazing determination that lies in each one of you. We want our feed to incorporate the lives of all the epic doers out there.


With that being said, let's begin.


Join the fun here.