How do you manage 6 brands, a knitwear company and a flock of sheep?


Running Time
20m 28s


Anna Felton
Founder of Monkstone Knitwear


Anna tells us why she founded Monkstone a knitwear company on a farm in West Wales and how she makes it all work.

After working for brands such as howies, The Do Lectures, Hiut Denim Co, to name a few Anna has learnt a lot about business and marketing.

Biting the bullet in 2011 and going freelance she now runs PR agency in West Wales and is the founder of Monkstone Knitwear, a company based on the core roots of farming. She is part of the whole process from lambing to spinning.

Anna runs Monkstone Knitwear with her partner Richard Reed on his family owned land, Trevayne Farm. She’ll tell a few stories of mud and her passion to bring manufacturing back to the UK.


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