Why 10 minutes each day can change your day


Running Time
20m 17s


Andy Puddicombe
Co-Founder of Headspace & Former Buddhist Monk


Andy Puddicombe tells us why meditation isn’t just about the lotus position and the difference between doing nothing and not doing.

Setting off to become a monk at the age of 22, Andy's meditation training took him all over the world, culminating with full ordination at a Tibetan Monastery in the Himalayas. Ten years later, he returned to the UK with the singular wish to demystify meditation, to make it accessible, relevant and beneficial to as many people as possible.

He set up Headspace in 2009 with mission to get as many people in the world as possible to take 10 minutes out of their day, to practice a simple and easy-to-learn meditation technique and experiences the scientifically proven benefits of meditation.


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