Start Something With A Purpose And You'll Find Your Own Luck


Running Time
20m 11s


Andy Middleton
Founder & Director of the TYF Group


“The things that we’re scared of really aren't to be worried about. Because, no matter what cliff you’re jumping off, it is only water underneath.”

Andy Middleton is a maverick thinker. He shares his family story with us and his life long pursuit of knowledge on learning through the principles of nature and the importance of connecting the rules of nature to the way we design our businesses. He tells us why we need to put our values at the heart of what we do. Why play is far more important than work. And if we can do the most important thing to us for a living, why we will never work again in our lives.

Andy is a social entrepreneur with a passion for disruptive change and radical innovation.

He is Founder Director of the TYF Group and a non exec board member of Natural Resources Wales, helping organisations correlate their ambition, goals and actions to the speed and scale of response that’s needed for a shift to resilience.

TYF work with business, schools, parents, adults and kids, redesigning play, work and learning to fit with a changing future.


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