Can buildings become more intelligent

DO Wales

Running Time
28m 42s


Alex Haw
Converging Art and Architecture, Pioneer


Pioneer? Maverick? Or a bit of both. A multi-disciplinary thinker exploring convergence between art and architecture, space and time.

We like to put people in their respective boxes. But there are some people who can’t be put in one. That’s because they are forging a new path.

Alex Haw is one of those pioneers. A multi-disciplinary pioneer exploring convergence between art and architecture, space and time; integration of media technologies, particularly video, with architectural techniques; operations and collaborations across a range of realms and disciplines, from teaching to music, theatre to film.

He has long-standing interests in time-based design, ephemeral architecture, luminous phenomena, non-narrative moving image, kinetic space, climatic distortions, artificial landscapes, surveillance and control systems, and provocative critique. Compelled by extremes, edges, and their transgressions.


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