Do Disrupt. How To Create a New Future for Your Business Before it Doesn't Have One (London- Nov).

Businesses start off by spotting an opportunity, embracing change and eating someone else's lunch. Then something happens and they become risk averse. They hire play-it-safers. Then they defend the space they are in, permanently looking over their shoulder to see who wants to eat their lunch. 


The secret is to change. Change what you do or how you do it. 


This one-day course is aimed at businesses that are feeling a little lost. Businesses large and small that need to change direction; or get an injection of fresh thinking. The workshop is practical and will make you think, work and plan. It will change your business. It will remind you of your purpose and show you how to grow in the right way.


Things that you I'll learn:

How to spot when it's time to change.

Why you need to embrace disruption and how to use it well.

Why some disruption is just noise and how to focus on good disruption.

Why side projects matter.

How to create an innovation culture that works.


Do It Yourself: Finding the thing you were born to do and starting it:

Some people are happy. Some people are unhappy.  The thing is that we all have the same amount of time in a day and the same amount of days in a year and, broadly, the same amount of years on the planet. Yet some go on to achieve amazing things and some struggle. The difference is that some find their element whilst others are still waiting for their chance, still waiting for their turn. You may be sat at home wondering what to do or you may be sat in the wrong job wondering how to find the right one.


This is a waste.


This workshop will help you find the thing that you were born to do. It will help you work out why you are here and how to move from where you are to where you want to be. 

The workshop is really practical and we will develop ideas during the day and refine them as a group. You will leave with a calling rather than a career.


Things that you'll learn:

How to find your element.

How to identify the things that you're not good at.

Why some people seem to have all the luck.

How to move from here to there.

How to build a simple plan that will keep you motivated and on-track.

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