How To Craft A Beautiful Business. (London)

  • Cecil Sharp House 2 Regent's Park Road London, England, NW1 7AY United Kingdom

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Where: Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent's Park Road, London, England, NW1 7AY

When:  Friday April 21st, 9.30am - 5:30pm.

What would your business look like if it were more beautiful? And, what does it mean to be a beautiful business? Beautiful businesses are transformational in the universal and valuable utility they bring to the world, joyful in experiences they create. All sourced from an embracing of clear purpose of how to serve their customers well. Beautiful businesses are restorative to people and planet. Businesses with beautiful cultures are attractive – to employees, and customers. Consequently, people want to belong, to enthuse, and support them.

This raises important questions: what is the process for making retail beautiful? What does beauty mean in software? Can beauty as a lens help guide us to arrive at better answers? Can beauty scale? Can beauty provide durability, and opportunity? Can a beautiful business be adaptive? Can a beautiful business yield high financial returns and still be ethical? Should beauty be a commercial duty? Does beauty require us to think more holistically? What would be the language of a beautiful business? Do we think differently about our environment if we see it as beautiful?

So, how do we get to beauty? It is through design in its broadest terms. We always have a choice of what it is that we create, since everything man-made is designed. What constrains us are our imagination and the will to apply it. Designers ask two simple questions — is it useful and is it beautiful? We can use these two principles to reshape the world we live in. Good design has always been good business. As William Morris might say, ‘have nothing in your house that is neither useful nor beautiful’.

Why should you come?

You might be stuck in working out what direction to go in. Or seeking a more inspiring vision. Or trying to find new ways to make money. Or working out what your new technology can truly give to the world. You might be launching a precious new business, or working to rebuild an old one. Or a thousand other things besides.

●  See your work through a new lens
●  Get to grips with beautiful ways of making your business work better
●  Understand the value of beauty in designing experiences
●  How beauty and utility can work together for success
●  How great design is about the quality of your thinking not the size of your wallet.

How the day looks:

Exploration of beauty.
What it is and what it means

Creative leadership.
Group activity to explore creative leadership, its power and potential.

Toy Story story.
Learning to nurture beauty collaboratively

Crafting beauty and utility.
Exercise in designing beautiful products and services.

The story of Doug Englebart and Morihei Ueshiba.
How do we get to realising a beautiful purpose that is worldmaking and enduring?

Can beauty scale?
Exploration how we can design beauty to scale

The Bill Bailey principle of innovation.
What are the limiting beliefs that stop us realising our best work?

The practice of craft.
What it is, what it means, how it affects what we do on a daily basis.

Designing with optimism.
Exercise in understanding that enduring design is optimistic. How can we prepare ourselves, and practice what that could be like for individuals and as a company. 

Workshop with Alan Moore.
Alan is a business innovator, helping companies to craft beautifully innovative businesses. He has a unique grasp on the forces that are reshaping our world and how to creatively respond to them. Working on six continents, Alan has shared his knowledge in the form of board, and advisory positions at companies such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and Coca Cola, workshops and speaking as well as teaching in institutions as wide ranging as MIT and Reading University’s Typography Department, Sloan School of Management and INSEAD. He is the author of four books on creativity, marketing and business transformation including No Straight Lines: Making sense of our nonlinear world (2011). He still works as an artist. He tries everyday to lead a life as beautifully as he possibly can.    

Good simple food.
Plus teas, coffees, and snacks throughout the day.

This is what fellow travellers have said:

“You changed the way I have designed my business process” Piet van der Dam

“You gave me real clarity and a forceful nudge to just make the things and see where it takes me”. Jono Smart

“I want my AI platform to be as beautiful to use as your Crafting Beautiful Businesses gathering was to experience” Leonora Nielsen

“I love working with Alan. He is dangerous, disruptive and difficult. These are rare qualities. He asks the difficult questions and gently disrupts what you think is right. In a world where you are just getting to grips with what is happening Alan will be dealing with what happens next. I never come away comfortable after a chat with Alan, I am always motivated and excited - there's dangerous for you!” - John Nola, Managing Director Apollo20, All3Media Group.

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