What is teen Do?

It’s a summer camp for creativity on an old working farm on the edge of west Wales, created by teens for teens.

We have been running the Do Lectures for the past nine years, and our teenage daughters have now created their own event.

Over two days we are inviting 12 speakers to inspire 60 teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17, to the farm. They’ll stop staring at their phones. And, instead, listen to inspirational talks. And they’ll learn some practical skills as well. There will be hands on workshops from; film making, music making, coding, photography, vlogging, yoga, animating, coding, illustrating, bush craft to painting. Try stuff they haven’t tried before.

The education system is doing a pretty good job of taking creativity out of teens. Our job is to bring that back.

Teen Do’s purpose is to help teens learn about three things: Creativity, Confidence and Curiosity.

It’s a place to find out about ideas, to find out how to share them and to make them happen. 

In the evenings, there will be tasty local food, great music and we will share stories around the dinner table and campfire.  This is where the real magic will happen and where the real thinking will be done. They will inspire each other and there will be a lot of fun along the way. It’ll be a brilliant moment in time that stays with them throughout their lives.

No other generation has grown up with such amazing tools to express themselves, be creative and get things done. The possibilities are endless.

They are the leaders of the future and our aim is to encourage and inspire them to find the right road in life.

Your talk

We’d like you to talk about those things they don’t teach at school. Themes to consider are:
- How to listen to your instinct
- How to follow your dreams
- How to fail
- How to look after yourself
- How to find your purpose
- How to ‘be’ as well as ‘do’
- How to embrace the outdoors
- How to survive the internet
- How to make stuff happen

We want you to do the talk that will strike a chord and make them feel that they can go out and do something amazing. It doesn’t need to be clever or rehearsed, but a talk that will set them on the right road to carve their own path.          

It’s more than just a set of talks.

The workshops are just as important as the talks. They are there to give them confidence and practical tools so that they can learn by doing.

The magic comes from all of it. The friendships they will make, the conversations around the campfire, the workshops, the place and the talks that will inspire them. We will share the talks online to inspire other teenagers around the world to go out and do something amazing.