Workshop: How To Raise Money From Someone Who Has. (London - March)


Workshop: How To Raise Money From Someone Who Has. (London - March)


When:  Thursday 22nd March 9.30am - 6:00 pm

Where: Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent's Park Rd, London NW1 7AY

Getting investment is a nerve-wracking process. You need money to get your business off the ground, but how, and where, do you start if you’ve never done it before?

Why should you attend?
You could be pre-revenue and have a business idea you want to launch or already be running a company that’s ready for the next stage in financing.

This workshop is for anyone who needs funding to get their business idea off the ground but can’t or doesn’t want to get it from a bank. Or anyone running a company with some traction who now wants to raise from Angels/VCs.

The workshop will be split into three sessions with a Q&A after each one.
1. The boring but important stuff
Learn the practical hurdles you need to overcome and the documents you should use to take investment. EIS and SEIS. Not being EIS or SEIS compliant will shut the door on 80% of potential angel investment (£5k - £150k). The perils of Term sheets and the safety of a PPM.

2. Friends and family, angel or VC?
Learn the different ways you can raise money, and what each type of investor wants to see. Angel, Super angel, groups of angels, and VC.

3. You and your pitch
Get your head in the right place to allow you to raise money, and how to pitch. This is the biggest one. It’s how to understand the psychology of raising money. Getting in the heads of your investors and making sure you have prepared yourself before you pitch is crucial. When people fail to raise money, it’s rarely because of 1 or 2 and almost always because they came across badly or dealt with difficult questions in the wrong way.

What will you learn? 

- How to present your investment in a way investors expect and can understand.

- How to stress test how much money you think you need.

- What kind of investor you should go for.

- A list of criteria an investment in your company must fulfil for each type of investor.

- Preparing for the questions investors are most likely to ask.

- Templates for an investment deck.

- How to get yourself ‘pitch-ready’.

Your Coach.
Dan Kieran is the CEO and co-founder of the award-winning crowdfunding publishing platform Unbound. Described as ‘a true disruptor’ by Richard Branson he is also the author of 12 books and travel writer for the Guardian, Observer, Times and Die Zeit in Germany.

In the last 5 years, he has raised £6m in funding from a combination of sources including individual angels, super angels, groups of angels, EIS investors (both individuals and funds), EIS roadshows, crowdfunding and VC funds.

Fresh, local food.
Plus teas, coffees and snacks throughout the day.
Limited to 20 places.



'Whether you're an ambitious start-up or seasoned entrepreneur, asking for money from potential investors can be daunting and intimidating. Dan's fantastic workshop turned the whole process on its head and helped to change our mindset around investment. In a very practical way, Dan equipped us with the tools to approach the whole process with an unfair advantage and we can't wait to put his advice into practice.’ - Charlie.

’The most insightful dive into a raise I’ve ever heard' - Luke

'Thank you so much for a brilliant day… it has opened my eyes in so many ways … fantastic value.' - Andy

‘Loved the session... really informative and Dan you were super generous with everything you shared, thank you' - Algy

'The seminar could not have come at a better time…… many, many thanks for all your advice and inspiration' - Darius

'A really informative and inspiring session… and really great to spend a day with like minds!' - Phil

'It was a great day. Came out buzzing’ - Martin

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