Do Side Project. One-day event. London. March 3rd.


Do Side Project. One-day event. London. March 3rd.



When:  Friday 3rd March 9.30am - 5:00pm

Location: Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regents Park, London

Everyone has a side project. We do them in our spare time. We do them for fun. We do them even when we are tired. We mostly do them without getting payed. And yet, we still do them.
Our refusal to give up on our side projects tells us something important: This is what we love doing.
And there comes a point in every side project where it has to decide. Does it stay a side project forever. Or does it take the leap? And become my main main thing.

A day designed to remove the barriers.
We have looked at the hurdles in front of the ‘Side Project’, and we have designed a one-day event to help take those hurdles away. One by one. 
So, as well as Keynote talks, we have devised eight breakthrough workshops to provide you with the thinking that gives you the confidence and the know how to go launch.
To start, a breakthrough has to happen. You have to take the barriers down one by one. These workshops are designed to do this.

8 Breakthrough Workshops
How to re-think your limitations? How to tell yourself a different story? Learn to understand why haven’t you taken the leap? Why it’s ok to say you are scared? Why it’s ok to feel vulnerable? How to manage your fears? How to view risk differently? How to remove your barriers? Remember, if you put them there, only you can remove them? 
What is your relationship with money? And why does that matter? How will a mindset of abundance help you? Why wanting to help others will help you? What mindset do you need to raise money? How will the laws of attraction help find your investor? 
Why the right business strategy won’t work if your life strategy is all wrong? And how do you get them to align? How a great strategy saves you time? How a great strategy gets you to work less? Why a great strategy requires less effort from you? Can proven strategies be learnt? Yes, but from whom matters?
Even with the right strategy, we can fail if we continue to tell ourselves the wrong story. 
‘I am not very good at business’. Say that to yourself enough and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If stories control our emotions, and emotions drive all our behaviours, how do we make our story go from limiting our chances of success to one that will help us succeed? 
How can you get your community to help you? Why would they want to help? Why would they tell your story? Why does purpose multiply engagement? How do you set up your side project so that you feel good about it, but as importantly, your community feels good about it too? How do you build a company that wants to give, not just take?
How do you stay human? How will you be you? How will you let others feel what you feel? How will you re-think marketing? How will you use these platforms to make them feel something, not just buy something? Will we hear the real you? How will we know?
The digital toolbox at your disposal is the most powerful in the history of the world. All you have do is learn which tool works best for you. Master one or two. Leave the rest. Be great somewhere, and not average everywhere. 
Can you look after people? Can you inspire them to join you? Can you create a space for people to do their best work? Can you let people grow? How do you build that kind of culture? Why do teams want to make change happen? 

The aim of the day is to give you the confidence, and the tools to go and take the leap.
We want to give you the best chance of making your side project a successful main thing. That is the whole reason to do this one-day event. To help you get your side project successfully launched.

Do Side Projects. One Day Event To Help You Successfully Launch Your Own.

How the day looks:
London. March 3rd. 9.30am-5.30pm.
Keynote speakers
Eight workshops.
100 attendees.
The ticket price: £395. 

Pioneering approach.
Each speaker will speak without slides or Power point presentation for 10 minutes. Each speaker will have 20 minutes to answer questions.
This will be filmed on Facebook Live, so it will go out live around the world. That allows us to take questions from around the world.



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