Becoming self-directed.

DO Australia

Running Time
19m 08s


Remy Grangien


17-year-old high school dropout Remy Grangien shares his views on self-empowerment, and the importance of entrepreneurial thinking. He encourages the audience to think about life as a written story with lines that are yet to be documented and thus enabling us to shape our own futures.

Remy is a youth entrepreneur who gave up his school days for changemaking. Being 17 without a high school diploma, he prefers to identify as a philosopher and futurist. His deepest passion is for ideas that can change the course of human history, and is determined to travel far and wide to find them. 

Remy is the cofounder of Colearn, a social enterprise with a mission to empower the next generation through collaborative learning spaces (think coworking -- but with kids!). Colearn has worked and been associated with the City of Melbourne, Pearson Education and Hub Melbourne. 

When not working alongside the next generation of entrepreneurs, Remy spends his time in solitude: training, meditating, and writing prolifically.


Jessamy Gee of Think in Colour was at Do Lectures Australia 2015 and created this graphic recording throughout Remy's' talk.


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