Neil McNair



Co-founder of McNair Mountain Shirts


Stop bringing plastic into the mountains. Living and working in the mountains for the last 18 years has meant that I've worn just about every conceivable 'technical' fabric in the wildest weather. Cocooning myself in fabrics designed to create a barrier against the elements simply doesn't work in the long-term. Our clever, enhanced Merino keeps you comfortable and still in-touch with the elements. Plus it's natural, sustainable and effective. It's the unplastic jacket.

I have been a British Snowboard Trainer for over 12 years and during this time I have held the elected position BASI Snowboard Director for 2 full terms. McNair shirts is a passion to co-exsist with my Snowboarding. I was born and raised during my informative years in Scotland, home is now the French alps with my daughter.


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