Year Of Saying 'Yes'


Running Time
14m 31s


Meg Lobb
Freelance creative travelling around the world through trades with small businesses


“It turns out that I should have thought about what a year of saying yes would mean when I first started. Of all the things that I have been challenged with in the last 6 months, I think David, Clare and Naomi turning up in the kitchen and asking me to do this talks might just be the hardest. But, it seems fitting that somehow I am up here talking about it when it being here last year that gave me the kick I needed to get this project started.”

Meg describes herself as a professional generalist.

On paper she is known as a freelance creative from Cornwall where she previously worked with Sideways for two years to create 'The Challenger's Almanac', a book about doing business differently, and have since worked with Lily Cole in London to create 'The Impossible Shop', an online boutique that sells thoughtfully and ethically made products. 

Before that came a year of interning in Portugal and a degree in design which opened the doors to living and working in other countries. In-between the gaps came a lot of travel, trips and experiences that have shaped what Meg is doing now. More and more making and sharing food has found its way to being what memories are formed around but this is only the beginning. Meg’s Instagram log might help describe what words cannot. 


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