Reclaim Relationships




Running Time 45m 57s


Jacqueline Sharp
Founder of FORT


As a self-proclaimed life enthusiast, Jacqueline Sharp, is most grateful for her 32-year honed skill of recognising incredible potential in things and people that are often overlooked. She meanders through life with a curious mind and open heart, knowing the worldā€™s wonders are, free of charge, out there for each to enjoy.  

Jacqueline is the founder of FORT, a Los Angeles-based company that leverages reclaimed materials to create beautiful pieces of custom furniture. She started FORT with a $50 table saw off Craigslist and a bunch of very helpful YouTube clips. Her favorite interests include the shape of space, Platonic thought, the human psyche, family dynamics, building a better global economic system, and most anything else of profound interest. 


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