1. Will I be paid to talk?

No. We canʼt afford to. The talks are shared online for free. Free is not a great business model, but we are in the inspiration business. And we love our product is Free for anyone with access to the internet.

That said, the talks cost a lot of money to put on. A combination of tickets sales, donations and sponsorship covers the costs of putting on the event. We rely on a lot of volunteers to help put the event on.

Although, The Do Lectures is not a business as such it has to pay its way in this world. Any profits made each year will be ploughed back into making more inspirational content.

Although we canʼt afford to pay you, what we can do is provide an influential and growing audience. Your talk will be seen all around the world. It’s a great platform to put your ideas out there.

2. Will I have my expenses paid?

Yes, we just need to agree those with you beforehand. Kind of makes sense.

3. Do I have to stay if I donʼt want to?

No, itʼs not a prison. But our farm is an amazing place in a beautiful part of the world. We have been doing this for nearly 9 years. We can count on one hand the number of speakers who haven’t stayed. Guess that tells you something.

4. Where will I stay?

That’s up to you? If you want to stay in hotel, we can do that. If you want to stay in some posh tents, we can do that too. There will be cars on hand to take you to your accommodation throughout the night.

5. How do we pick speakers?

We do a lot of research ourselves. Alongside this, we use a process called passing the baton: whereupon speakers are selected from nominations from previous speakers/ attendees and from our founding partners and members.

6. Do you have powerpoint and keynote?

We have the whole caboodle. If you have any special requests, just let us know in advance. Can we do sound? Can we show videos? Yup to both of those. And yes, we have all the wires and cables you will ever need.

7. Any tips for speaking?

Be human.