Do USA 2017

  • Campovida 13601 Old River Road, Hopland CA 95449

Campovida, Hopland,
We'll be romancing an intimate 100 of speakers and attendees.
Fresh, local food
Live music

Regular tickets cost $1800 

Once a year we gather a small number of outstanding human beings to share their story with you in a barn, in a rustic farming community 90 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Our hope is that the stories and conversations allow you to observe and reflect in a way that invites new possibility.

Doing starts with being. We firmly believe this. We also believe that trust breeds magic and curiosity trumps judgement. DO USA is about embracing uncertainty, quieting your cleverness, supporting vulnerability and living empathy.

You'll laugh hard and you'll probably shed a tear. You'll hug, you'll dance, you'll gaze at the stars and promise yourself you’ll do this more often.

You'll dream big, you'll walk barefoot in the grass. You'll breath deeply and you'll sit still and wonder. You'll need to zip your sleeping bag all the way to the top and you'll need coffee, because there are moments you don't want to miss...they could change your life forever.

It's a small event, we'll be romancing 100 amazing individuals. There are no name tags, everyone is equal. You'll eat and drink fresh local organic food and wine grown on site, your senses won't know what hit them.

Nestled in an idyllic town of 800 folks is the original and only home of DO Lectures USA, a beautiful genius of a place called Campovida, “Field of Life”. This fifty acre organic vineyard and farm, cultivating stunning wines and abundant conversations, was originally home to the Pomo Valley tribe. 

Like all DO locations, Campovida is neither nearby nor too far away. Based roughly ninety minutes north of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge in the town of Hopland, Campovida sits near the Upper Russian River and is framed by the bucolic golden hills of California. Five hundred year old oaks line the landscape along with award winning vineyard rows.

The talks take place in an epic old hop barn that, yes, used to grow hops for beer making. It’s an intimate setting, a place to share and listen and be enraptured by another life.   

We do not believe in creating magic at DO, but we do believe we can create the conditions for magic to happen. One of those conditions is place. We welcome you to join us out in our field beyond wrong-doing and right-doing called Campovida.

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